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System for Solar Energy Industry

The main target of this system is to join all parties, who involved in the solar panels installation. Installer companies participate in real-time auction proposing bet prices for the user. After an auction, the installer who wins, sign the digital contact with the user. The user then chooses the bank and ask it for the loan. Bank, in turn, using their portal can check all load applications and can confirm or reject them.

For partners developed the own portal to check statistics for their web-site. System done is the way, which allows to add multiple websites to the platform and customize its look & feel, content and settings without recoding. Implemented advanced access rights system to configure which installers and banks have access to the particular user web-portal to participate in auctions/ loans.

Digital sign of the contacts done using DocuSign integration. Installer charges for system usage done using implementation. To read information about user electrical bills integration with Utility API was done. Installers are able to automatically put all leads to the SalesForce CRM.

The system designed to support high load by configuring auto-scaling of cloud services in MS Azure and Azure CDN for static content. Notifications about live services health implemented using ApplicationInsights

Integration with Utility API
Digital sign using DocuSign
SalesForce CRM API
Dynamic Scalability
Number of portal types: 5
Number of public portals to be managed: Unlimited
Scalability: Automatic

6000 man-hours

Team size



Application Insights Application Insights
Blob Storage Blob Storage
Cloud Services Cloud Services
Content Delivery Network Content Delivery Network
Service Bus Service Bus
SQL Azure SQL Azure
WebRoles WebRoles
Worker Roles Worker Roles
Tools and Technologies
.net mvc
Docusign API
Entity Framework
MS Azure
Salesforce API
Windows Identity Framework
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