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Azure SaaS with Power BI

Main target of the project was build SaaS for users, who want to visualize their data about MLM activities. To reach the goal subscription-based user portal with ability to view the reports done as WebApp solution in Azure using mvc 5 and SQL Azure database for customers data storing. Data parsed on a server from CSV format. Uploaded files stored in a Blob before processing.

As size of the data could be large, this feature was implemented in the background using Azure WebJob. Interaction with the main WebApp was done using Azure Service Bus. The reports are built online and shown using Azure Power BI embedded using DirectQuery mode.
For payments payment processor is used with recurrent payments for monthly subscription.
To avoid problems with auto-payments also manual payments was done. Several payment plans for users were implemented based on the number of the reporting sessions views per month. 

PowerBI embedded in DirectQuery mode with filters API for recurrent payments
Different payment plans based on reports view sessions
Dynamic Scalability
Online Payments

680 man-hours

Team size



Blob Storage Blob Storage
Power BI embedded Power BI embedded
Service Bus Service Bus
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Tools and Technologies mvc
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