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Scalable solutions & SaaS

With the SaaS model, you consume as a service only the Applications that you need for your business. These applications run on the provider’s cloud infrastructure, making them accessible from various devices like browser or mobile.

The SaaS provider manages everything that includes Infrastructure, Load balancers and firewalls, Operating Systems and runtime environments like .NET and Java, the line of business applications and services such as email or a CRM.

You don't have to concern about managing the underlying cloud infrastructure, which includes network, servers, operating systems or storage (except some user-specific application configuration settings).

With SaaS, you get fully provisioned services with a well-defined feature set, which are customizable to a certain degree. SaaS providers usually offer browser-based interfaces so users can easily access and customize these services. APIs are also usually made available for developers.

The key benefit of SaaS is that it requires no up front investment in servers or software licensing. For the application developer, there is only one application to maintain for multiple clients.

System for Solar Energy Industry System for Solar Energy Industry

Complex portal for customers, installers, banks and partners, who involved in the business for solar panels installations

Azure SaaS with Power BI Azure SaaS with Power BI

Subscription-based user portal with ability to view the reports based on PowerBI embedded

Azure SaaS web-site using Elastic Database Azure SaaS web-site using Elastic Database

MVP implemented as SaaS web-portal deployed in MS Azure as Cloud Service

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