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Online Store Reconstruction

Reconstruction of an online store originally created with ASP.NET Web Forms. Preserving the initial business logic, the server side and the client side have been completely redesigned with ASP.NET Core WEB API 
used for back end and with Angular and Foundation used for front end. The application has been hosted as Azure web app and local MS SQL Server database has been migrated to Azure SQL.

Novel design provides exceptional experience for users and administrators. Responsive front-end enables customers to comfortably navigate the website and easily make purchases using any type of mobile device.
A purchase order may be completed in one click through PayPal account or with a credit card. Combination of Web API and Angular Single Page technics makes the website really fast and pleasing to surf through:   
rapid asynchronous loading of page components not only creates great UX but also contributes to search engine ranking higher than that of the competitors' websites built with traditional technologies.  

Scalability provided by Azure, database optimization and latest version of Redis Cache ensure the web site to remain responsive even in the peak selling hours: rigid load testing has proved the site's ability
to sustain the constant flow of more than a thousand concurrent users.   

A unique administration feature of the web site is an integrated html-editor which serves as an excellent tool to gain maximum control over the crucial landing pages. Content management may be conveniently performed 
through Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. The major business logic options are defined in Azure Application Settings which makes the application extremely flexible to modify.

Certain features implemented in the course of development are intended to be used further for marketing purposes. SendGrid, originally added to the project as a notification service to inform a user of a successfully completed 
order or a technical team of a possible malfunction, may also be utilized as a powerful mailout and analytics tool. Azure Application Insights is suitable for monitoring\profiling the application as well as for
collecting statistics on users’ page views.

Fusion of Angular and ASP.NET Core WEB API
High load web app with dynamic scalability
Control over business logic with Azure App Setting
HTML Editor to modify information pages

1500 man-hours

Team size



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