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Clients portal and management system for Health Care industry

The project contains three products: Careguard, Careassist and Amethyst, each of products propose customers different healthcare management plans.

To implement such system was used Azure WebApps with microservices architecture made in a form of multiple independent REST API's and Client Portal:

- Payment REST API
- to process payment transactions(using Authorize.NET);
- Yodlee REST API - to show user's aggregated payment history (using Yodlee aggregation service);
- Email Messaging REST API - to organize email messaging in the system(using Sendgrid for email sending and Razor template engine for creating email templates);
- Client Portal made as Single Page Application, created by using WebApi 2.0 for backend and AngularJS for front-end part.

The solution contains three sub-portals for each product: Careguard, CareAssist, and Amethyst.

Authentication/Authorization is Claims-Based and implemented using Windows Identity Foundation.

For data storing was used Azure SQL, data access was done with Dapper.NET.

Microservice-based architecture
SendGrid API

1000 man-hours

Team size



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